Overall Winner - Clip of the Year at the 2016 Merino Excellence Awards

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 Armidale was the 2016 Clip of the year winner.  This competition measures the financail perfermance of an individuals clip by determining the value of wool shorn per stock unit.  A big thankyou to The New Zealand Wool Testing Authority for their sponsership of this award.

Armidale Results Canterbury A&P Show 2015

Canterbury Show 2015 Merino Ram Armidale John Key

  • Supreme Champion Wool Breeds Sheep of the Show
  • Supreme Champion Merino
  • Grand Champion Merino Ram
  • Champion Fine Merino Ram
  • Reserve Champion Fine Merino Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Medium Merino Ram
  • Champion Medium Merino Ewe
  • Champion Fine Poll Merino Ram
  • Reserve Champion Fine Poll Merino Ewe
  • Champion Medium Poll Merino Ram
  • Reserve Champion Medium Poll Merino Ram
  • Merino Ram with Best Conformation
  • Best Ewe Hogget
  • 1st Group of Three Rams 18 to 30 Months
  • 2nd and 3rd Merial Ancare Pairs
  • 1st Woodchester Cup (Three Rams 2 Ewes)
  • Winner All Breeds Wool Breed Pair (Armidale Ram, Blairich Ewe)
  • 2nd All Breeds (Wool Breed) Group of Three Ram Hoggets (Armidale & Blairich)
  • Most Successful Merino Exhibitor 
  • Congratulations to Blairich on winning Grand Champion Merino Ewe.  A ewe sired by "Armidale 090123"

Golden Fleece Fine Wool Winner 2015

Golden Fleece 2015

Armidale Results Canterbury A&P Show 2014

  • Reserve Champion Superfine Ewe
  • Champion Fine Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Fine Ram
  • Champion Medium Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Medium Ewe
  • Champion Medium Ram
  • Reserve Champion Medium Ram
  • Reserve Champion Fine Poll Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Fine Poll Ram
  • Champion Medium Poll Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Medium Poll Ewe
  • Reserve Champion Medium Poll Ram
  • Reserve Grand Champion Ram
  • Reserve Grand Champion Ewe
  • Best Ram and Ewe Hogget
  • 2nd Merial Pairs
  • 3rd Group of Three Rams
  • 2nd Woodchester Cup
  • Most Successful Exhibitor
  • Winner 3 Ram Hoggets of Wool Breed (All breeds)
  • Best Ram Hogget Wool Breeds (All breeds)

Overall Winner - MEA Child Cancer Fleece Competition 2014

Armidale Merino Stud-IMG_6549
Simon receiving the 2014 Overall Fleece Winner trophy and prize at the Otago Merino Association's Child Cancer Fleece Competition.  The competition is sponsered by FMG and the award is presentd by Kevin Malcom and Katie Williams

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Stud Details

Stud Principals: Allan & Simon Paterson
Established: 1954 Flock No. 167 (Horned), 2010 Flock No. 6 (Polled)
Stud Classer: A D & S D Paterson
Stud Adviser: Chris Bowman (Australia)
Ewe Numbers: 1000 Full Pedigree Recorded
Sale Method: Private by appointment (February)

Property Details

Area: 2054 hectares
Rainfall: 350mm
Stock Numbers: 1000 Stud Ewes, 4000 Commercail ewes, 2500 Hoggets and Trading Cattle



Armidale is a fifth generation farm located in the Maniototo.  The property is predominantly flat to rolling with two summer run blocks and 120ha of irrigation.  On average the property winters around 8000 stock units.  The property is prone to summer droughts and long winters.

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