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Located at Gimmerburn in the vast Maniototo of Central Otago,
Armidale is a 2000ha of predominantly flat to rolling country with two summer run blocks.

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The annual rainfall is around 350mm and is summer dry with long winters. In a normal season we winter 7500 stock units including 3500 merino ewes (of which 1000 are stud ewes), 1000 half bred ewes, 3000 hoggests and trading cattle.

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Armidale was purchased by Anthony Paterson in the early 1880’s when Puketoi Station was sub divided. The block drawn was 106 acres in the location of the homestead. Since then Armidale has passed through 5 generations and has grown to 2054 hectares.

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Armidale Merino stud was first registered in 1940 by George Paterson but due to the war the registration lapsed. In 1956 Bruce Paterson re-registered Armidale Merino Stud. Since the studs inception the focus has been on producing a merino with a large frame and superior wool weights.

Armidale is now farmed by Allan and Eris Paterson in partnership with Simon, Sarah and their two young sons Hugo and Bede. We pride ourselves on the performance of our commercial flock and that of our clients.

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Devold 171102 0115 1 Armidale Station farm

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Devold 171102 0115 Armidale Station farm


Stud Details

Stud Principals: Allan & Simon Paterson
Established: 1954 Flock No. 167 (Horned), 2010 Flock No. 6 (Polled)
Stud Classer: A D & S D Paterson
Stud Adviser: Chris Bowman (Australia)
Ewe Numbers: 1000 Full Pedigree Recorded
Sale Method: Private by appointment (February)

Property Details

Area: 2054 hectares
Rainfall: 350mm
Stock Numbers: 1000 Stud Ewes, 4000 Commercail ewes, 2500 Hoggets and Trading Cattle



Armidale is a fifth generation farm located in the Maniototo.  The property is predominantly flat to rolling with two summer run blocks and 120ha of irrigation.  On average the property winters around 8000 stock units.  The property is prone to summer droughts and long winters.

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